Wood that went to War - Pens made of WWII battleship decking

Wood that went to War - Pens made of WWII battleship decking

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Pens, razors, and cufflinks made from the original decking of the USS North Carolina, the most decorated Battleship of World War II.

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About this project "Are you afire?" Asked the officers of the USS Enterprise as they watched an immense volume of antiaircraft fire come from the USS North Carolina. The Carolina was undamaged and successfully defended the Enterprise as she shot down between 7 and 14 enemy aircraft in an 8 minute period. During this battle in 1942 the North Carolina fired 841 5-inch shells, 1037 rounds of 1.1-inch ammunition, 7425 rounds of 20-mm shells, and 8641 rounds of .50 caliber machine gun bullets. With the loss of 100 Japanese aircraft, during the battle, the U.S. Navy won control of the air and averted a threatened Japanese reinforcement of Guadalcanal During her time in service USS North Carolina participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific Theater of Operations, during which she earned 15 battle stars making her the most highly decorated battleship in World War II. About me Hello, my name is Bill and I am the woodworker behind. I have a passion for history and I love incorporating that passion into my woodworking, I feel it makes my pieces much more special. Now I have created some products and am looking to create inventory, which is wear this MDH campaign come in. For your Donate $ 10 you'll get an exclusive pen.

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