For Those Who Served America

For Those Who Served America

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K.I.S.S. Plan (Keep It Simple Stupid Plan) 1) Acquire Land (Various Locations proposed- USA & Abroad) 2) Build Self-Sustainable Community using alternative energy and reusable materials to promote minimal impacts on our already over-worked planet. 3) Provide a dignified lifestyle to those who served America....For us, For All.

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June 21, 2017, midnight - June 23, 2018, midnight [367 days]

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When we think about contributing to our great country immediately thoughts of enlisting in one of our many branches of service come to mind or donating to an organization that provides aide to our fellow man/woman that sacrificed themselves for the sake of US. In return many have been left to turn to seek self-medication, drug abuse, and homelessness with no support from the ones they vowed to protect once they returned home from service.

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